Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Accentuate the positive! Feeling good about being a mom.

Finding yourself in a whole new place being a new mom or a seasoned one with kids flying the coop can be hard at times. Don't be too hard on yourself. Find that one piece of clothing that accentuates your best feature and run with it. Whether you are being spit up on, cried on or dropping kids off at school..feeling good and looking good is one way to boost your confidence. We all have those days but you are not alone.
Once you find that skirt at that perfect length or that tank that highlights your toned shoulders and arms, grab them on sale or have a few on hand in various colors. It will be your "go-to" when you are dashing out the door with the kids.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to My Best Bud!

Thank you for stopping by my site! I would like to invite you shop my customized baby clothes, blankets, accessories and gift baskets!   We have a complete product list for you to shop straight from our website; design your own baby blanket or giftbasket.  My Best Bud also specializes in corporate gift giving. Please see my client list.

Thank you again for checking us out! Take a moment to Like 'My Best Bud' on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter too!

Have a wonderful day!

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